About Us

While it may come as a shock, music curated by humans is actually becoming more and more rare these days, which is why is here to bring that human element back to music listening. Founded in 2005, we’ve been on a mission to continue to bring music lovers closer to the songs that they used to hear on the radio, but with more personalization, more accessibility, and more convenience.

Our internet music streaming service takes advantage of today’s music streaming model to deliver personalized curated playlists to our listeners as soon as they turn on Carefully and selectively curated playlists are constructed by our music professionals who analyze the songs, artists, albums, and genre preferences of our listeners, so that the next time they go to listen, they’re welcomed with a specially designed music playlist that they can stream on nearly any device.

And just like the old days of the radio, we offer a free subscription model and several paid ad-free models for more serious listening.

For us, we knew that we never wanted to try to reinvent the wheel – we simply wanted to update it and ensure that it could continue to roll well into the 21st century. is here to stay and the world is listening – what about you?

Our Mission is focused on delivering a streaming service that can appeal to the old radio listeners who simply haven’t gotten on the bandwagon of today’s music streaming platforms. With, we keep it simple with real music experts who look to analyze the tastes and preferences of our listeners to provide them with a radio-like listening experience that they can rock out to, dance to, and sing along to all day long.

Our Vision

In a world where AI algorithms dominate the streaming industry, we look to bring our love for music back to the human element that started it all. We use real music experts to create curated playlists for our listeners, so that they have the chance to hear real songs recommended by real music lovers – after all, that’s what the music industry is all about.